British actor "Mr. Bean" do good things

2018-01-28 admin 48
"Mr. Bean" communication with the police in a car accident scene, stern.
英演员“憨豆”遇车祸现场 做好事参与救援(图)
"Bean" for the first time after the accident to and participate in the rescue. Beijing, May 30 (Reuters) According to foreign media reports, the British famous actor "Mr Bean" rowan atkinson has been photographed at the scene of the accident rescue work, in the film "hero" in the life also unequivocally. According to the report, 59, "Mr Bean", driving in the 27 Tuscan town in Italy to play together with a group of cyclists, but on the behavior of a car suddenly rushed out of the way out of control, and crashed into a tree by the roadside. According to the report, "Mr Bean" after the accident, immediately ran to the crash, and then call the police. Then the Italian police and firefighters rushed to the rescue. "Mr. Bean" was being photographed at the scene of the accident for scheduling and communication, expression serious and proactive. It is reported that the driver is in stable condition after being taken to the hospital, there is no big deal.