Major Rescue after Hand Stuck in Drain

2014-01-28 admin 31

An anonymous doctor has spoken of the effort by emergency services to free a woman who had her hand stuck in a metal drain.

Firefighters, paramedics, firefighters officers from the East Midlands Immediate Care Scheme, and the Lincolnshire Integrated Voluntary Emergency Services (LIVES), were called to Holloway Avenue in the early morning to help a woman who stuck her hand in a drain.

It seems that she had tried to get something from a drain when chatting with her friend, and got her hand stuck in the cast iron cover.

On about 2:20 in the morning, Dr Leon Roberts, a volunteer doctor was called meanwhile the East Midlands Ambulance Service had already been there for two hours trying to free the woman with rescue tools.

Her right hand was stuck in a very tight position of the cast iron cover. We gave her some sedation and pain relief cause she was quite distressed when we got there.

Firefighters used hand operated tools and hydraulic rescue equipment to remove the surrounding kerb stones and tarmac to lift the drain cover out. The woman was taken to Hospital at about 4am with her hand still stuck in the drain. She was accompanied by a volunteer doctor from LIVES.

Fortunately, she was not injured after checking in hospital. Thanks to we have hydraulic rescue equipment which can promote the rescue in our lives quick and more efficiently.